domingo, 22 de novembro de 2009

"I´ve been bidding my time,
been so subtly kind,
i got to think so selfishly,
´cos you´re the face inside of me.

I´ve been biding my days,
u see evidently it pays,
i´ve been a friend,
with unbiased views,
Then secretly lust after you.

So now he´s gone rusty
you´re bored and bemused.

You wanna do someone else,
so you should be by yourself,
instead of here with me,


Trying hard to think pure,
bloody hard when i´m raw,
you talking out so sexually,
´bout boys ´n girls and your friggin´dreams

So now you fell lusty,
you´re hot and confused,
so now you´ve been busted,
you´re caught feeling used.

You had to do someone else,
you should´ve been by yourself,
instead of here with me,



Skunk Anansie - Secretly

Hoje apetece-me ouvir isto e porque " uma música vale mais que mil palavras"

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